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Formidable Women of Worcestershire event



EVENT: Volunteers and Voters: World War 1 and its legacy for Worcestershire Women

WHEN: Wednesday, 18 January 2017, 6–7pm

WHERE: The HIVE – Worcester

World War 1 enabled a number of Worcestershire women to develop their skills and spheres of influence through voluntary work and prepared them to use their newly acquired vote in 1918.

This talk and exhibition, by University of Worcester lecturer Professor Maggie Andrews, explores the legacy of World War 1 for women such as Lady Isabelle Margesson, Mrs Hooper, Mary Pakington and Mrs Rusher who became Justices of the Peace, ran women’s organisations, wrote plays or campaigned for improvements in maternal and child welfare in the inter-war years.

This event is free of charge but booking is recommended.

Light refreshments are provided at the start of the event.


BOOKING available on the Hive website




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