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The research team


The research team will be led by Maggie Andrews, Professor of Cultural History at the University of Worcester.

professor-maggie-andrew-university-worcester_rdax_200x233Her work covers the social and cultural history of twentieth century Britain, focuses on rural domesticity and the Home Front during the First and Second World Wars. She was an AHRC-funded adviser to the BBC in the West Midlands on the World War One at Home project, and continues to be the historical consultant for BBC Radio 4’s WW1 drama, Home Front.  She contributed to the recent production of ‘Cake-bakers and Trouble-makers’, a centenary celebration of the WI presented by Dr Lucy Worsley (Silver River Productions, broadcast BBC2, 20/7/2015)

Recent relevant publications include:

  • 1997, new edition 2015 – The Acceptable Face of Feminism: a social history of the Women’s Institute Movement 1915-1960, Lawrence and Wishart.
  • August 2015 – ‘The WI’s Rural Retailing and Markets 1915–1939: a WW1 legacy’ in Journal of the History of Retailing and Consumption vol 2
  • 2014 – Jointly edited with J. Lomas The Home Front in Britain: Images, Myths and Forgotten Experiences since 1914, London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2014 – Jointly authored with A. Gregson, and J. Peters, Worcestershire’s War: Voices of World War 1, Stroud: Amberley Press.

Early career researchers

Lesley Spiers, Post–grad/ ECR, University of Worcester

Lesley Spiers has an MA in Women’s Studies from the University of Warwick  and is beginning a Phd utilising an autobiographical approach to explore the legacy of WWI for women  looking at six women’s lives across Worcestershire/West Midlands. Involvement in this project will identify some of these women. Further work will lead into an exhibition at Black Country Living Museum Conference with WHN in 2018.

Elspeth King and Hayley Carter are post-graduate students at the University of Worcester working on the Home Front in WW1 and WW2

The project will draw upon the support and expertise of the following: 

Dr Neil FlemingSenior Lecturer in Modern History, University of Worcester

  • 2013 ‘Diehard Conservatism, mass democracy, and Indian constitutional reform, c. 1918-1935’, Parliamentary History, 32:2: 337-60
  • 2011 – ‘Cabinet government, British imperial security, and the World Disarmament Conference, 1932–1934’, War in History, 18:1 : 62–84.
  • 2010-   ‘The press, empire and historical time: the Times and Indian self-government, c.1911-1947’, Media History, 16:2 : 183-198
  • Also forthcoming article on Conservative Women in 1920s Lancashire accepted for publication by Women’s History Review.

Dr Janis Lomas – Independent Scholar

  • 2014 – Jointly edited with M. Andrews The Home Front in Britain: Images, Myths and Forgotten Experiences since 1914, London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2011 – ‘They took my husband, they took the money and just left me’: War Widows & Remembrance after the Second World War’ in M Andrews, C Bagot-Jewitt and N. Hunt, Lest We Forget: Remembrance and Commemoration, History Press.
  • 2000 – ‘Delicate duties’: issues of class and respectability in government policy towards the wives and widows of British soldiers in the era of the great war’, Women’s History Review, 9:1, 123-147
  • 1994 – ‘So I married again’: Letters from British Widows of the First and Second World War’ History Workshop Journal 218-227.

Formidable Women of Worcestershire

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