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Hon. Mary Augusta Pakington Murray by Bassano Ltd, 13 July 1920 (National Portrait Gallery)


Youtube is a great place to start.  Many film archives put a taster of their collections on this site then point you to their own online archive sites.  You can try using generalised search terms or look for particular channels such as:

  • Women’s History Network Youtube channel
  • Huntley Film Archives (who also have their own website)
    One of the largest independent film libraries in the UK, with a collection of more than 80,000 titles and more added every day, Huntley is a commercial archive, providing film clips to broadcasters and other production companies.
  • BFI (British Film Institute):  you have much wider access to BFI holdings via the BFI player available through the Library e-resources
  • Pathe Newsfilm archive(Also search their own website directly )



Formidable Women of Worcestershire

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